Sustainability At Uprising Breads

We all know that one of the easiest ways to reduce our impact on the planet is through the three-R’s: Reduce, Re-use & Recycle.


With the help of Climate Smart we measure our carbon footprint, offset our greenhouse gas emissions and put in place practices to reduce our emissions. When deciding to replace old equipment, we always consider the energy consumption/efficiency of our new equipment options and chose those with the lowest impact on our planet’s atmosphere.


Picture of spent coffee grounds

Need coffee grounds for your garden? Drop by our Bakery Cafe to pick some up.

Next time you drop by our bakery cafe, ask us about our Free Grounds For Your Garden. Coffee grounds make great fertilizer and are a valuable component in the compost pile. We use approximately 1000 KG of coffee beans per year in our small café. By diverting the majority of these grinds to local community gardens such as the Strathcona Community Garden Society we are keeping this valuable resource out of our waste stream.


Over time we’ve gotten better and sorting our trash to keep out all our paper, plastic glass and metal. Every year our amount of recycled materials grows and garbage destined for the landfill shrinks, especially now that we are separating out organic materials for composting.

Another interesting way we’ve found to recycle is with our bread. Since 2015 all unsold bread is now collected by Entrerra, a Vancouver-based company that uses a common beneficial insect to rapidly recover complex nutrients from surplus food scraps. The nutrients contained in this unwanted food is up-cycled at a facility in Langley into sustainable feed ingredients for aquaculture, animal feed and pet food, as well as a natural organic fertilizer product for use in agriculture.