• Uprising Breads Bakery

    has been baking its great tasting, multigrain breads and honey sweetened goodies for 40 years

    Visit our cafe:
  • Venables & Commercial Dr.

    Uprising Bakery Venables Location

    Street Address:

    1697 Venables, Vancouver, BC
    Store Hours:

    Monday to Friday: 7am - 7pm

    Saturday & Sunday: 7am - 6pm

  • Sharing your 40th Anniversary Memories

    "I love the scones. Always get a coffee and a scone and sit outside to watch life go by.
    A great place to have a snack on a bike ride. Perfect location too."

    ~ John

    Do you have a memory to share from 40 years of Uprising Breads

  • Come visit our Bakery Cafe at Commercial and VenablesCracked Wheat & SunflowerWhole Wheat & Rye Finnish LoafOne Hundred Percent Whole Wheat BreadThe Grainful BreadFresh Baked Croissants
    Come visit our Bakery Cafe at Commercial and Venables
    Cracked Wheat & Sunflower
    Whole Wheat & Rye Finnish Loaf
    100% Whole Wheat Bread
    The Grainful Bread
    Fresh Croissants Baked Daily

    Uprising Breads Bakery Café operates in Vancouver and wholesales signature multigrain breads to stores throughout the Lower Mainland.