About us

Eddy one of our bakers readies freshly baked cheese croissants at the Uprising Breads Bakery Broadway Location.

Eddy one of our bakers at Uprising Breads Bakery

Uprising Breads Bakery has been baking its great tasting, multigrain breads and honey-sweetened goodies for over 30 years now … and it’s no Wonder …

We did our growing up in the 1980s and ’90s as people were becoming more and more aware of the benefits of healthy food choices. Bread, in particular, was experiencing something of a renaissance. The demand for ‘breads of substance’ made with all natural ingredients was on the rise.

At Uprising Breads we never have, and never will, use preservatives or artificial anything in our baking. And we always have, and always will, sweeten with honey, molasses or nothing at all. We look for every opportunity to offer healthy choices without compromising those small indulgences that a terrific bakery can offer. (We have a chocolate brownie that will make your teeth rattle.)

Visit our popular Bakery Café at 1697 Venables Street in East Vancouver.

We also wholesale our products throughout the Lower Mainland. Click here to find out where.