Our Bread

Below you will find a list of our breads. Click the thumbnail of each bread to see the ingredients, nutritional information and where you can find our products.

Our promise

Uprising Breads has been baking nutritious and tasty breads in East Vancouver for over 30 years. We never have (and never will) use preservatives or artificial anything. We always have (and always will) lightly sweeten with honey, molasses or nothing at all. Promise.

Cracked Whole Wheat Sunflower, Real Good Bread

Cracked Wheat & Sunflower

Cracked Wheat & Sunflower seeds and kernels of cracked wheat give this bread added texture and a nice nutty taste.

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Uprising Bakery one hundred percent wholewheat bread

100% Whole Wheat

Our ‘Back to Basics’ best seller sweetened with honey and molasses.

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Uprising Bakery Whole Wheat and Rye Finnish Loaf

Finnish Loaf

Combines whole wheat and rye flours with cracked wheat and rye meal to make a high-fibre powerhouse.

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Uprising Bakery Whole Wheat Raisin Bread

Raisin Bread

Whole Wheat Raisin Bread made with lots and lots of raisins

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Uprising Bakery Sourdough Light Rye Bread

Sourdough Light Rye

Lowest in fat, made with absolutely no added sweeteners.

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Uprising Breads Bakery The Grainful Bread

The Grainful Bread

An organic high-fibre multigrain. Our flagship bread.

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